Интервју: S.A.M [Delaphine Records]

Samuel Andre Madsen - S. A. M. е познат по своите sleek, subtle и tribal траки и неговата "монашка" посветеност. Потекнува од  данско, конзервативно, христијанско семејство, син на проповедник за подоцна и тој самиот да заврши теолошки студии. 

После неколку години инспириран од Fred P, Jus Ed и Omar S почнува со сопствена продукција. Поради тој беспрекорен стил и талент е тешко да останете воздржани при секое ново издание. Покрај продукцијата и диџејството тој го води и лејблот - Delaphine. 

Воедно е и член на еден од највозбудливите хаус колективи Mandar заедно со Lazare Hoche и Malin Genie кои на почетокот на 2018 го издадоа едно најпродаваните EP-ja на Juno насловено “String Theory”.

На 11.01.2019 овој петок ќе имаме привилегија да го чуеме S.A.M. а како увертира за забавата направивме едно кратко интервју во кое може да прочитате и да дознаете повеќе за него.

How would you describe your music?

I would describe it as groovy and dynamic, detailed but breathing. It’s honest and playful connecting dots from the history of electronic music as well as looking ahead and providing something new and ever changing.

Is there a difference between the style of music you DJ and the style of music you produce?

Well, I love to produce lots of dance floor records as it’s super exciting to playing music that I just made in the studio the same week. But sometimes I make music that’s not entirely made for dancefloors like most of the music from my album “dream state of a bellmaker”.

Tell us a bit about the different project you are involved into?

I have been working for 4-5 years now with Lazare Hoche and Malin Genie, making records, playing live, and dj’ing as Mandar. They are some of my closest friends and we just had our track “String Theory” in rotation over the summer of ‘18 which was so cool to experience. We are currently working on a follow up record as well as having a remix of Matthew Dekay coming out in our record label Oscillat soon.

Apart from that I’m making different collaborations with artists and friends, and running two record labels aside from Oscillat. Delaphine Records is my first label and special to me. It’s just my music on there and I like to experiment and surprise on that label. Dahlia is my other label where I release music from friends and producers that are really special. Noha is coming up next with a bomb record where I will have a remix as well.

How has living in Berlin influenced you as an artist?

So much! First of all I’ve learned a lot about production. I also feel I have more space to improve and meet other like minded people. The city just has a vibrant life to it.

What do you expect from the party in Sektor909?

I expect to have an amazing time and share some of my favorite tracks with a totally new crowd that I’ve never met before. I’m also really thrilled to be invited as one of your first guests in your new venue. I’ve been to Skopje many times but never played so this time I’m psyched to play!

What are some things that you like to do that aren't related to music?

Almost everything I do is related to music somehow. I seriously spend all my time on music. When I don’t I spend time on checking art or movies for inspiration. I used to do Muay Thai which I decided to get back into now. Apart from that I simply love to cook and have friends over for dinner. I got a pasta maker for Christmas which I can’t wait to use to make lasagne/ravioli/spaghetti etc. and of course I’m crazy about Ajvar and sheep cheese and shopska. I could live on that really.

Траки од S.A.M.

Artist - Track
1MandarString Theory
2MandarMoney Blues
3S.A.M. and The NAFUntitled
5S.A.M.Out Of Touch
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